Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson SC, a member of the Hellenic Australian Lawyers Association, will soon become the ACT’s Supreme Court’s newest judge.

Chrissa Loukas-Karlsson SC, new ACT Supreme Court Judge.

Her appointment was announced earlier this month, and Her Honour’s swearing-in ceremony will be at 9.30am on 26 March in the ACT Supreme Court.

President of HAL Mal Varitimos QC congratulated Ms Loukas-Karlsson on her appointment, adding to commendations from leaders of the legal fraternity throughout Australia.

“We were delighted to hear of the recent announcement that the Junior Vice-President of the NSW Bar Association, and well respected silk, is to be appointed to the ACT Supreme Court,” said Mr Varitimos.

Ms Loukas-Karlsson SC joins a number of other judges of Hellenic origin in higher courts across the nation.

Ms Loukas-Karlsson was appointed senior counsel in 2012, after being called to the bar in 1989.

She had experience working for Legal Aid, the Aboriginal Legal Service, as a Public Defender, Acting Crown Prosecutor, and appeared as counsel before the UN International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in the Hague.

In 2017, Ms Loukas-Karlsson won barrister of the year award from the Women Lawyers Association of NSW.

She has also presented many papers both nationally and internationally.

President of the ACT Bar Association, Ken Archer, also welcomed Ms Loukas-Karlsson’s appointment, reported in the Canberra Times as describing the new judge “a passionate and strong advocate for women in the legal profession”.

He said the numerous awards she had received “reflect the higher regard in which she is held by the legal community in Australia.”

Mr Varitimos said the appointment of Ms Loukas-Karlsson SC was well-deserved and reflected her wealth of experience, including as an Acting District Court Judge.

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