The Hellenic Australian Lawyers Association (HAL) is open for membership to Australian lawyers, judicial officers, law students and others who have a Hellenic background, or if not of Hellenic background, are philhellenes and support the purposes of HAL.

Membership of the Association continues to grow strongly around Australia and HAL is delighted that so many lawyers who are not of Greek background, but are Philhellenes, have become members.

Anyone with an interest in Hellenic culture and the legal profession is encouraged to apply to join HAL as an associate member.

HAL provides opportunities for members, associate members and friends of HAL to engage in professional activities in an environment that celebrates Hellenic ideals.

HAL offers a forum to share ideas and knowledge with others, promote cultural harmony and diversity, and advance the legal profession.

Regular events provide opportunities for members and associate members to acknowledge and celebrate Hellenism in ways that are relevant to their lives and careers.

Annual fees for membership are $50 (or $120 for three years) for solicitors, barristers, patent attorneys and judicial officers, and $20 for other categories of associate member,  including law students and graduates.

Apply to join the Hellenic Australian Lawyers Association or renew your membership.